Benefits of testosterone


Testosterone is a hormone secreted primarily by the testicles of males and it is called “the holy grail” of male hormones. This hormone that is produced naturally by the body is responsible for a great number of important things such as: strength, libido, confidence levels, improved mood, building muscle, quality of life and much more. In a few words it is responsible for that ambitious alpha-mindset.

It sounds Godlike I know, but unfortunately the natural production of this hormone starts to decline with age. Still there are few steps to be done to extend your testosterone levels and get the body to release more of the alpha-hormone !


1. Heavy weight strength training !

It is one of the best way to raise your testosterone levels because what builds more lean muscle creates a flurry of anabolic hormones running through your body.

Studies have found that regardless of your age, you can still see improvement in testosterone through heavy lifting.
For a maximum muscular synergy try to stick woth compound movements like: heavy squats, deadlifts, rows and bench presses.

2. Shorten your workout time !

Another aspect of your training that can influence your testosterone levels is the duration of the workouts. Workouts lasting longer than an hour may begin to spike cortisol (hormone of stress) levels and subsequently decrease testosterone. In order for you to maximize your testosterone response keep your rest period shorts and total workout time to maximum 60 minutes.

3. Eat fat and don`t avoid cholesterol

Dietary fat is actually one of the most critical players when it comes to optimizing natural testosterone production but don`t get me wrong and think that any type of fat is good for your testosterone levels. You need quality saturated fats like: red meat, coconut oil, egg yolks, dark chocolate, cheese and monosaturated fats :olive oil, almonds, avocados, peanut butter.

Testosterone is derived from cholesterol, so it should come as no surprise that if your diet is lacking in cholesterol you will not be able to produce optimal levels of the muscle-building hormone.
Don`t throw away anymore the egg yolks and eat the whole egg because you have good saturated fats and cholesterol in there.

4. Stress less

Stress is the number one enemy of your overall health and produces acidity of your blood. It can also affects dramatically your testosterone levels because when you are stressed, instead of testosterone your body secrets another hormone – cortisol. This hormone actually primes your body for lean muscle mass along with fat gain, especially in the abdominal region while decreasing testosterone.

Reference studies on how cortisol affects testoterone – click !

So keep in mind that the more you stress, the more you move away from your goals. It`s that simple. Get control over your stress levels and you`ll see noticeable results.

5. Get more sleep

A lack of quality sleep can dramatically diminish the amount of testosterone your body produces, thereby reducing muscle growth and fat loss. Researchers at the University of Chicago recorded sleeping patterns of healthy men and found that participants` testosterone levels increased the longer they slept. The recommendation is 7-9 hours of sleep per night to optimize your testosterone response.

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